Affiliate Certification

At CLUTIG we firmly believe that information technology companies are strategic allies of the industrial sectors of the region. A technology-based company in a change and growth agent for any trade or service organization.

Technology companies are facilitators of the digital transformation of micro, small and medium enterprises, which require suppliers committed to their innovative ecosystem, to implement technology that helps them increase their productivity and be more competitive.

In the IT industry there are many improvised technology providers, people with no experience or passion for ICT. People attracted by the boom of technological advances that look at it as a temporary opportunity to make money, but do not have a solid background in the subject, nor do they have the necessary personnel and infrastructure to meet the long-term market needs.

This generates unfair competition and bad practices to the detriment of the technology industry, also undermines the confidence of companies seeking the Digital Transformation of their business through serious and well established suppliers.

The CLUTIG has designed a certification process for technology-based companies, giving them a seal of confidence by validating that the IT Company is formally constituted and has the necessary skills and competencies to offer the technologies they provide.

The Certification consists of three stages and its purpose is to provide certainty to users and customers who contract or acquire products or technological solutions from companies certified by the Cluster.

Steps to be certified.

Answer a simple questionnaire with the company’s data. Based on the questionnaire, it will be determined if you are a candidate for Certification. This questionnaire has no cost. You can access it by filling out the certification application form.
Send your documents for review, taking care that all are valid and legible. Access to the repository, along with the list of documents that you must upload, are sent to you by email.
Schedule the visit of the consultant who will review your company based on an evaluation rubric. The rubric gives a score, considering the three stages, and with this, it is determined whether the Certification or only the Certificate as an IT Company is applicable.

Frequent questions

Any company that provides services or products based on technologies. They must be natural or legal persons, formally constituted, and that provide technologies such as hardware, software, telecommunications, energy or integral solutions; including applications, e-commerce platforms or media.

Companies that do not attain certification will receive an evaluation certificate with the areas of opportunity identified. In any case, they will be included in the list of suppliers registered by the Cluster, although they will not have the Certification seal.

In addition, they will have a period of 6 months to attend the recommendations and achieve the Certification, paying the cost of the new interview of the external consultant.

The Certification may be denied for reasons of inconsistency in legal documents, anomalies in the certification process or bad reputation of the company, among other reasons.

Currently, the Certification process has no cost, as long as it is carried out within the annual calls made by the CLUTIG.

In the case of companies that request Certification outside the normal period, they must pay a fee of $ 10,000.00 pesos that covers the expenses related to the interview of the external consultant. The dates available for the extraordinary periods will be previously defined by the CLUTIG.

It is important to note that the payment of this fee does not guarantee the approval of the certification and is not refundable.

The CLUTIG certification process has been designed by the National Council of Software Clusters and Information Technology (mxTI) and is applied under the supervision of the Information Technology Cluster of Guanajuato (CLUTIG). Both organizations have extensive experience and recognition in government, business and education.

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