The regional alliance between Aguascalientes, Guanajuato, Querétaro and San Luis Potosí is already a reality to which a new actor has joined: Jalisco. Through a cross-cutting work plan, carried out together with Eduardo Sojo, director of the CIDE Public Policy Laboratory, the five entities of the Bajío have proposed ten comprehensive development objectives for the region with a long-term vision.

In Innovación Económica we review what these goals will be, as well as the strategies to be executed in what is the first regional development agreement in the country’s history:

  1. Build our future with society and government
  2. Achieve the highest competitiveness in Latin America
  3. Position the region globally as one of the most attractive
  4. Education, Science, Technology and Innovation: Development Lever
  5. Be the country’s logistics center
  6. Ensure energy availability
  7. Ensure development with environmental sustainability
  8. Strengthen human development and social welfare
  9. Consolidate the rule of law and security
  10. Strengthen federalism with regional development

Find more details of each of these goals Here.